Programmatically Add Magento Admin User Roles and Resources

Hi all again,

Today i would like to share, how to add magento admin user roles and resources using code.

/* 4 Roles Creation Default*/
$roles = array('User Role 1','User Role 2','User Role 3','User Role 4');
$roleIds = array();
$resources = explode(',', '__root__,admin/sales,admin/sales/order,admin/sales/order/actions,admin/sales/order/actions/hold,admin/sales/order/actions/creditmemo,admin/sales/order/actions/unhold,admin/sales/order/actions/ship,admin/sales/order/actions/comment,admin/sales/order/actions/invoice,admin/sales/order/actions/capture,admin/sales/order/actions/email,admin/sales/order/actions/view,admin/sales/order/actions/reorder,admin/sales/order/actions/edit,admin/sales/order/actions/review_payment,admin/sales/order/actions/cancel,admin/sales/order/actions/create,admin/dashboard,admin/catalog,admin/catalog/products,admin/cms,admin/cms/page,admin/cms/page/save,admin/system,admin/system/acl,admin/system/acl/users');
foreach($roles as $role){
$col = Mage::getModel('admin/role')->setRoleName($role)->setRoleType('G')->setTreeLevel(1)->save();
if( in_array($role, $enabledRoles) )
$roleIds[] = $col->getRoleId();
$rules = Mage::getModel('admin/rules')->setRoleId($col->getRoleId())->setResources($resources);
$rules = Mage::getModel('admin/resource_rules')->saveRel($rules);

We are created a new user roles(User Role 1, User Role 2, User Role 3 and User Role 4). Then we have to update the Role Resources. I have checked with Magento Version

You can get the Resources list in the backend of the magento roles area.

If any suggestions welcome with comments area below.

Thank you.


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