JSON Introduction for Beginners

Hi to All,

Most of  PHP junior level programmers dont have knowledge about this JSON concept .

Its like a compress method, encryption and decryption.

JSON Language is a intermediate Language for multiple web framework languages.  Between PHP, java, .NET,  ROR(Ruby On Rails) and etc.

JSON is a some type of method.

ARRAY ===> Some Encryption String(Encode)

Some Decryption String(Decode)  ===> ARRAY

Here is the simple example with PHP to encode the array.



$sample_arr = array(1,2,3,4,5);

$result_en = json_encode($sample_arr);


$result_de = json_decode($result_en);




Multidimensional array also support this JSON method .

Just copy and paste your PHP file and execute it via Browser.

JSON supports so many platform languages. Its a additional big feature. Easy to communicate between  different server side languages.

Easy to store the array in the DATABASE.

Easy to fetch the array from the DATABASE.

we can not store the array with RAW format. So we can use this JSON method the array and store in to the database as well.

and Fetch.


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